Family medicine is the most important area of ​​the national health care system, as the family doctor is the first when people become ill - we are the first to assess and make decisions on acute and chronic diseases, monitor their progress and severity, able to reduce around 80% of all health problems in the aging population. To achieve this goal, we use the most advanced technologies - exclusive digital medical products, research-based innovations, modern laboratory, diagnostic, treatment and disease prevention equipment, the latest prevention, treatment and rehabilitation methods, vaccination and treatment planning software, telemedicine cooperating with community, science, innovation and technology companies.


  • Primary health care services and their adaptation to the needs of the community, public health policy reform, medical tourism;
  • Disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, nursing, safe personal health care services for those receiving treatment and reducing health inequalities between rural and urban populations;
  • Use of modern medical equipment, advanced digital systems, cloud computing, creation of higher competence jobs, productivity increase in the healthcare;
  • Digitalization of medical services through the application of science-based innovations, integration of medical data analysis, artificial intelligence and medical data visualization in healthcare;
  • Application of medical and engineering 3D visualizations, animations and videos in healthcare practice.


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  • J. Naujalio st. 10, LT-54138, Raudondvaris, Kaunas municipality, Lithuania