Our goal is to help people improve their health and reduce injuries risk. We aim for this on the basis of the latest scientific studies and many years of experience, which allow to be health professionals and offer innovative products of the highest quality. We develop new and represent various rehabilitation and health products of well-known producers. We also consult on issues related to the prevention of human movement, prevention of injuries and care of biomechanical testing. We believe that the best treatment and/or sport results are achieved only after the implementation of quality testing and individual training based on testing results.


  • Development and production of a balance testing and training device for athletes, the elderly and health professionals.
  • Development and production of an innovative balance training device based on VR, which creates more challenges to balance training.
  • Distribution of unique products required for operations that solve movement problems (cartilage regeneration and arthroscopic decompression shoulder operations).
  • Distribution of well-known producers of orthopedic and ergonomic devices and movement testing systems to solve everyday movement-related problems.
  • Carrying out various science-based biomechanical testing to evaluate general health.