AB Ortopedijos Technika – the largest orthopedic industry enterprise in the Baltic States, individually manufactures prosthetic appliances, orthopedic lasts, insoles, footwear, insoles, soft braces and orthoses from carbon fiber (PrePreg technology). The high quality of the production is illustrated by the yearly increasing exports to the Germany, Denmark, Holland, Scandinavia, USA, and other countries of the world. In the specialized stores Sveikatinė, you can buy braces for the prevention of sports injuries, comfortable shoes and insoles, compression stockings, exercise, and massage products, as well as products for expectant mothers. At Gijos Klinikos, consultations are provided by the most qualified doctors, laboratory, X-ray, and ultrasound examinations are performed using equipment that meets the highest quality standards. Orthopedic, vascular, and plastic surgery, as well as gynecological and urological surgeries, abdominal, bariatric and general surgeries, are performed using the most advanced surgical methods. A wide range of outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation services is provided – including kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic massage, and hydrotherapy treatments.


  • Over 200 medical professionals provide consultations, examinations, diagnostics, and surgical operations, along with outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Medical equipment meeting the highest international quality standards, the most advanced surgical methods, modern minimally invasive surgical techniques, and regenerative treatment.
  • Our orthopedic professionals provide post-injury and post-surgery services in our clinics as well numerous Lithuanian medical institutions.
  • Individual orthopedic solutions to return to a full life: prosthetic appliances, splints for sport and rehabilitation, orthopedic footwear and insoles, orthoses, devices, corsets, etc.